Debt Collection – Procedure

Success Pattern has an established and efficient method in collecting your debts in full, with minimal cost to you:

1. Placement of accounts – Your accounts can be placed with us for collection by mail , fax , disk, or in personal.

2. Processing claims – Upon receiving the debtor’s full particulars, we will determine if additional information or specific instruction are required. The client and debtor information is then entered into our collection management software, and an acknowledgement of claim is sent to you.

3. Initial contact with the debtor – Our collectors will trance the whereabouts of the delinquent debtors and attempt contact immediately upon receipt of the claim. We understand that initial impressions are powerful, so our collectors are trained to be professional, yet assertive in their approach. They will use sensitivity and reason in a conciliatory manner rather than take an adversarial stand and explain the just and proper course of action to the debtor. They will at all times maintain goodwill between the client and debtor, with the primary goal of collecting the debt in full.

4. Third-Party Searches – We routinely track debtors even if it takes a few years and maintain active records until the claim is cancelled. Searches conducted by our sources will remain anonymous. Often, we are required to conduct thorough investigation to uncover any assets or sources of income, and take whatever measures necessary to size them.

5. Field Visits – Site visits to the debtors office or residence is a part of our strategy in collection. Our collectors are trained in visiting the premises in question to ascertain the debtor’s ability to settle the debt. Normally, if full payment or a reasonable payment schedule can be arranged within 30-60 days, the respective accounts with the written consent of the client is forwarded to our solicitors for further action. However, if there is a better chance of collection with a little more direct persistence and persuasion, our collector may decide to work the claim.

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The chances of collection are fairly good at an early stage

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