Frequently Asked Questions

1) Why use a third-party collector?
Many debtors perceive an assignment of debt to third-party as a serious action. They fear this many damage their Credit rating or incur litigation. Therefore, they are more likely to co-operate than if facing the creditor’s in-house collection department personnel.

2) What are the chances of success with a third-party collector?
The chances of collection are fairly good at an early stage, but drop dramatically with the age of the accounts. So the sooner the account is placed, the better.

3) How long will it take before I expect results?
The status of almost all claims can be determined within 60days. After that, we will advice you on your options available.

4) How can I keep track of an assigned claim?
We value up-to-date information and two-way communication. Our office will contact you advising of any payment made or status report of the assigned claim. We also submit monthly reports on every single account.

5) What if the debt is disputed or the debtors is unwilling to pay?
Success Pattern’s filed collectors are experienced and well trained to resolve all manner of dispute. Backed up by our panel of solicitors, we will keep you informed of all progress and actions taken on a regular basis.

6) When do legal proceeding begin?
After a reasonable period of time, if a debtor is still unwilling to pay, we will contact our solicitors and if so recommended by them, begin the legal process after client’s authorization.

7) Can a creditor collect interest on the unpaid claim?
Generally, yes. Any agreed-upon rate should be added to the account at the time of submission. If it become necessary to file suit, the interest will be part of the legal demand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The chances of collection are fairly good at an early stage

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