Receipt Books

Upon recovery of any sum of monies from debtors, it is our policy to issue temporary receipts to ensure transparency of the transaction. Temporary receipt books will b issues to you for approval prior to undertaking any collection, either in cash or check. All monies collected on your behalf will be remitted to you within 24 hours of a working day.

Every field personnel will carry an authority card that grants permission for the holder to act on behalf of Success Pattern. Our collectors will also be furnished with letters of authorization from the respective clients when negotiating with debtors.

We will submit monthly reports on all cases referred to us to respective clients. The status report will, among others, details the status of account, amount collected, and action taken on recommended.

Success Pattern has plans to provide online services in the near future, thereby further extending our reach and quality of service. Clients will be able to access reports on existing accounts as and when they please.

Why Success Pattern

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Frequently Asked Questions

The chances of collection are fairly good at an early stage

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We have branches in strategic locations in Malaysia

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Customised Software

SPeed is a powerful tool designed for security and ease of operation

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