Debt Collection – Key to Success

A collector’s intention must be direct and clear. Our field personnel operates with a sense of urgency, with the highest ethical and professional standards.

Our collectors are furnished with the most up-to-date information and facts necessary to get the job done. We believe that full preparation is our best weapon.

Our training program is designed with one main emphasis- getting results. Our collectors are assertive and always in control of the situation, insisting on commitment from the debtor and cutting through the excuses.

The art to successful recovery of debt is build a relationship with the debtor. Our collectors are well-versed in the art of empathizing with the debtors, whatever their problem, but in the end making sure they understand their accountability and responsibility in setting their debts.

Constant, even daily contact with the delinquent debtors is the job of our collectors. This ensures the debtors realize the seriousness of the collector in discharging duties, and applies indirect pressure on the debtor to pay up.

Our collectors are experience in the art of persuasion, always insisting and ensuring a firm commitment from debtors in writing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The chances of collection are fairly good at an early stage

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We have branches in strategic locations in Malaysia

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SPeed is a powerful tool designed for security and ease of operation

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