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Collection of claims remains a highly sensitive Activity for any organization. With hefty credit Facilities extended in todays fast-moving Information age, efficient recovery of debt can mean the difference between profit and huge losses.
Success Pattern’s primary objective is to maximize the recovery of your claims and any bad or doubtful debts as quickly as possible.
Our team of experienced and ethical personnel routinely handles accounts of any size, in any stage of delinquency. We understand the business culture in Malaysia, with extensive networks throughout the country. We offer swift recovery services on both bill collection and loan collection.
Our commitment towards excellence in the field of collection makes us the better choice as your total credit recovery partner. When most businesses are facing increasing problems as a result of bad debts, our role as third-party collector is a wise move, affording you many benefits:

1. Reduced overheads, meaning more capital for other profitable investments.
2. More efficient and faster recovery, meaning a higher rate of return
3. Predictable rate of recovery, meaning fixed cash flow and eliminates Risk of economic uncertainties.
4. Dedicated group of collectors working on your accounts.
5. Reduced cost and time spent on recruiting and training staff for collection.

We offer a full range of collection services tailored to suit your needs. Success Pattern manages accounts of any type or size, offering total credit recovery, skip tracing (third party searches), and initial legal proceedings using our solicitors.
Our team of professional collectors have been thoroughly vetted, and well-qualified to handle a given claims from the first collection call all the way to litigation proceedings, in an ethical manner, displaying skill and sensitivity at all times.
Success Pattern’s service-oriented culture means you will be kept informed and updates regularly throughout the collection process,enabling personal two-way communication between you and the respective collector. We compile detailed reports on all your accounts periodically, giving you the ability to assess the process and review work in progress.
Success Pattern introduces a highly innovative approach in dealing with uneconomical and charge-off accounts. We consider the following factors when purchasing delinquent accounts:

1. Age of Debt – As a basic rule, the older the debt, the more difficult and expensive to recover.
2. Source of Debt – The underwriting standard of the original issuer will determine the level of recovery.
3. Proof of Debt – The original documentation or proof of debt may be required
4. Location of Debtor – Geographic location of the delinquent may affect recovery
5. History of Work on Account – An account that has been extensively worked on before has lesser chance of      profitability

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The chances of collection are fairly good at an early stage

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